Sex Positions To Help You Last Longer

While missionary may be considered the default position, it’s also one of the fastest ways to explode your joy prematurely. If you wish to save yourself the embarrassment, the key is to relinquish all control before you get too excited. Here are 10 positions to switch it up and keep you going for much longer.

  1. The cowgirl. Just as the name suggests, this position features your female friend riding you like a Western heroine. Unfortunately, the act itself isn’t quite as exhilarating as it sounds, but it does come with multiple advantages. Firstly, you don’t have to do anything except lie back and relax while witnessing your partner in all her glory. Secondly, this arrangement gives you open access to her clitoris, which provides an extra level of fun. Finally, if she wants to lean in for a little kiss, all the better for you.
  2. The reverse cowgirl. Without intending to insult your intelligence, the reverse cowgirl is exactly like the cowgirl, except… reversed. In other words, she’s still on top but she’s facing away from you. This adaptation does remove an element of intimacy, but it also comes with the benefit of watching her butt bounce up and down. Just make sure that your toenails have been trimmed before attempting this or the mood will be ruined for everyone.
  3. The sitting position. Continuing the trend of delegating all the heavy duty work to the woman, take a break and sit comfortably on a chair (or bed, or even the kitchen counter if you’re feeling adventurous). Then ask her to sit upon you and I’m sure she’ll work the rest out. This will not only grant you a period of rest but will also align your eyes up perfectly with her breasts, so it’s a total win-win. However, if her feet manage to reach the ground and she can use this surface as leverage, heaven help you.
  4. Spooning. This one works much like your usual innocent spooning position except instead of just lying down on your side, you also have sex. It can take a moment to get the penetration set up correctly, but once you’re good to go, these slow, shallow movements reduce pressure on the penis, meaning more time for action. What you do with your available arm is up to you, but may we suggest you either reach around to stimulate the clit, give some loving to her breasts, or perform a nice little hugging motion?
  5. The cross. Much like the spooning maneuver above, this position requires you to remain on your side. However, your partner must reposition herself to drape her legs over your hip bone until she’s perpendicular to you, introducing her genitalia at a 90-degree angle. The general idea here is for you to give up most of the control, and instead allow your lady to take charge. She can even play with herself for additional brownie points.
  6. Side by side facing. In this variation, both parties lie on their sides, face to face with your pelvis positioned slightly lower, angling your manhood upwards. The initial assemblage procedure can be tricky, and some experimentation with leg-lifting or back-tilting might be necessary. However, once you’ve got the goods flowing, you should find the affectionate eye-contact aspect to be quite exciting.
  7. The lazy dog. Doggy style is always a thrilling experience, but it’s also notoriously dangerous for those who are trying to hold off their grand finale. Introducing: the lazy dog! Start off with your regular doggy position, then slowly lower your bodies until the female is flat on her stomach and you’re lying on top of her back. With the right slow grind, you can have all the goodness of doggy without any threatening intensity. That said, you’ve resumed control in this one, so be careful!
  8. Missionary clit stimulation. If you find yourself caught in the middle of a missionary situation and the end is near, don’t panic! Instead, interrupt the motion by evacuating all penetration, and use the top side of your penis like a sex toy, rubbing it against her clitoris. As there are fewer nerve endings in this part of your instrument, you can catch your breath while she goes absolutely crazy for it.
  9. The coital alignment technique. Here’s another sneaky missionary trick you can perform during desperate times. Simply lower yourself down until you’re lying on top of your partner. This will hinder your ability for full thrusting while placing pressure on her clitoris, assisting her progress while suppressing yours. Just make sure that you’re not squashing her because that’s the opposite of sexy.
  10. An oral break. If all else fails, stop what you’re doing and move your head down there. A little bit of practice and communication, and this can be a really hot spontaneous move for your repertoire. Your girl will appreciate it and, what’s more, she won’t have any idea that you were merely trying to prevent yourself from coming. Good luck!