She Definitely Notices These 10 Things On Your First Date Even If You Don’t

First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially if you really like the woman and want to make a good impression. You may not know this, but women often make a lot of definitive judgments about us and determine if we’re “boyfriend material” based on tiny details about what we do and say on the very first date. Here are a few things that may seem like nothing to you but she definitely notices, so be aware.

  1. The state of your clothes. I’m not just talking about what you choose to wear—that one’s obvious. Depending on what you’re doing on this date and what time of the day it is, your outfit choice will vary, but one thing should remain constant. Your clothes should be nice, clean, and pressed. Don’t wear anything that’s stained or looks obviously worn and old. Don’t wear anything that’s so wrinkled it looks like you grabbed it off of the floor. You don’t have to wear designer clothes or anything, but at least put in an effort.
  2. Your cologne or smell in general. You may not be a cologne guy, but if you are, go with just a light spritzing for the first time you take her out. You want to smell fresh but not too overbearing. Our olfactory sense is one of our strongest triggers when it comes to memory. Just think, she may be associating this smell with you for a while so, make sure you smell nice.
  3. Your initial approach. If you’re just meeting up somewhere, try to get there before her. It’s a good idea to arrive at the destination five to 10 minutes before the agreed upon time and either get a table or a seat at the bar or restaurant or even wait outside for her. If you’re picking her up at her place, make sure to walk up to the door and knock or ring the bell. She’ll always appreciate you taking the extra 10 seconds to get out of the car and walk up to her door. Also, it never hurts to kick it old-school and open the car door for her too. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way. Show her that chivalry isn’t dead yet.
  4. Your ability to keep the conversation going. You may be a little nervous, which is completely understandable, especially if you really like her. Still, try your hardest to keep a constant flow of conversation going. Awkward silences are never fun and they can often send the message to your date that you might be bored or feel like you have nothing to talk to them about. Women like it when a guy can consistently pinball off of them and seamlessly transition into another topic. Instead of having a set list of questions or topics you want to discuss with her, just play off of what she’s saying. Not only will the conversation never run flat, it’ll be way more genuine.
  5. The type of questions you ask her. The first date is tricky because obviously, the whole point is to get to know each other better. However, you don’t want to ruin a good thing before it even starts by getting too personal. Every woman is different and it’s very possible that your date might want to get super deep and talk about her past relationships, family, and other personal matters – but not everyone is like that. If you jump right in and ask her about serious things on the first date, she’s likely to get serious vibes from you. That might not be a bad thing, but read the room.
  6. The way you treat and tip the server and/or bartender. This is a big one. You could be the kindest, most polite date she’s ever had but I guarantee that she’s going to notice the way you treat the server wherever you go and it’s going to affect the way she sees you. There’s nothing worse or more awkward than sitting there while your date complains to the waiter about your order, how busy the restaurant is, the noise, i.e. anything that is out of their control. Not only is it just inconsiderate to treat people with disrespect, it shows your date that you don’t have a lot of patience or compassion.
  7. Your etiquette. Remember that you’re with a lady and manners are extremely important. She wants to feel like you’re trying to impress her, even if it’s not your usual style. She’s not one of your bros even if she’s chill and she doesn’t want you to treat her that way. Be yourself and relax, but use your napkin and please don’t belch in front of her.
  8. If you keep glancing at your phone. You may think you’re being subtle but you’re not. She notices if she doesn’t have your undivided attention and I promise you that it’ll really piss her off. You wouldn’t like it if your date was doing that so, show the same courtesy. The same rule applies to glancing up at the TV to check the score of whatever game might be playing. There’s this awesome thing called the internet where you can check any score of any game you desire at any time of the night, so it can wait.
  9. How much you drink. There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine at dinner or a beer or two, but make sure you’re keeping track of how much you’re drinking on the first date. Unless your date is tossing them back herself, she’ll notice how much you are and it could end up being disastrous. First off, you don’t want to get drunk on your first date with someone, especially if you tend to do or say ridiculous things when you’ve had a little too much. Second, drinking excessively on a first date could send a negative message to the woman, making her think you’re either feeling the need to drink in order to get through the date with her, or you have a drinking problem.
  10. Your goodbye. So, you had a great time and you know you definitely want to see this girl again. Giving her a kiss goodnight is nice but it’s not enough anymore if you want to leave the impression that you like her. It’s all about the way you SAY goodnight. Let you know you want to see her again verbally and it very well may happen.