Should You Date A Much Younger Woman?

Age is nothing but a number… or is it? Before you ask that pretty 22-year old out on a date, consider these 10 points.

  1. You’re going to have lots of differences. They might not seem like a big deal to you now, like the fact that you’re established in your career while she’s just starting out in one, or how you’ve got investments and plans for your retirement while she’s blowing her cash on Kardashian makeup every month. In time, these differences could become major problems.
  2. She probably won’t meet your expectations. This goes both ways. She might think you’re going to rescue her from all those immature guys she’s used to dating because you’re settled and mature. Meanwhile, you might think that she’s going to breathe fun into your life after your divorce. But making those assumptions can cause you to become disappointed when they don’t actually pan out.
  3. Just because she’s young doesn’t mean she’s baggage-free. One of the reasons men are drawn to younger women is that they seem to be free of baggage such as kids and ex-husbands. But that’s not a good enough reason to date them. Remember, no matter what her age, she could have a bunch of insecurities and drama. And, being so young, she might not have learned how to cope with them.
  4. You might want something casual and think a younger woman’s your best bet. But here’s a heads up: just because she’s young and posts pictures of herself partying every weekend on Instagram, it doesn’t mean she’s looking for a fling. Don’t assume that! She might be really mature for her age and want to get into a long-term relationship.
  5. You will be judged. People will see you with her in public and they might assume that she’s a gold digger or you’re her older brother – or worse, her dad. Yikes. Be prepared for these types of situations. Although they shouldn’t put you off from dating her if she’s a nice person, you should really ask yourself if you can deal with the judgments.
  6. You can’t become a mansplainer. Although you might have more life experience than her, it doesn’t mean that you should be giving her advice the whole time or treating her like she’s clueless. That’s just insulting!
  7. You have to be open to new experiences. If you’re not open-minded about what you can learn from dating someone younger than you, then don’t get into a relationship with a much younger woman. Your relationship will end up being full of resentment and hostility because you’ll frustrate her with how much you’re stuck in your ways.
  8. Make sure you’re not chasing your own youth. You’re pursuing her because you want to date her, but are you sure you’re not trying to pursue your own lost youth? Maybe being around someone in her twenties makes you nostalgic for your younger days when you didn’t have so many frown lines and the grey hair wasn’t starting to make an appearance on your head. Woah, slow down. The worst thing you can do is date someone younger in the hope of becoming or feeling younger yourself.
  9. You have to be willing to give her space. Many people in their early twenties are still trying to find their way in the world. They’re trying to get into the right careers, they’re dealing with many changes, and they’re trying to locate their identities. If you’re going to date a woman who’s much younger than you, make sure you’re prepared for that. You’re going to have to be supportive but also know when to step back so she can figure out her own life. If she’s really all over the place, a serious relationship might not even be the best thing for her right now, so that’s worth considering if you’re smitten about her.
  10. You still have to act your age. The worst thing you can do when dating a much younger woman is try to be young yourself. That could mean trying to party as much as she does or starting to follow her fashion sense. Honestly, she wants you because of who you are, not because of who you try to be to impress her. One of the most attractive things about guys who are 30 and older is that they’re more mature and have a stronger sense of identity than those younger guys, or so women hope. So, don’t be what you think she wants. Be you and she’ll find it refreshing.