Some Women Are Only On Dating Apps For Attention—Here’s How To Spot And Avoid Them

Women use dating apps to feel good about themselves more than men do, according to a study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Is the woman you’re chatting to on a dating app just after a bit of an ego stroke? Here are 9 signs she’s not taking this dating thing seriously so you don’t waste your time on her.

  1. She leaves you hanging. She loves talking to you online but when you suggest meeting up in real life, she seems to go AWOL. Maybe she says she’ll “let you know” what her week looks like and then she just doesn’t get back to you. What, is she using a fake profile or something? Maybe. Or she could be on the dating app just to have some casual connections that make her feel good about herself when real life dating brings her down.
  2. She’s always on the dating app. Every time you log into the app, she’s already there. In fact, it seems like she’s on the app day and night. Clearly she loves seeing what’s out there a little too much. She might also be bored or lonely, which makes her spend time talking to people who boost her mood and give her something to do.
  3. She’s more interested in you when you aren’t so available to her. When you don’t reply to her message for a few hours because you’re busy at work, she’s quick to send you a message to see where you are. Hmmm, interesting, because when you’re at her beck and call, she doesn’t seem that interested in talking.
  4. She posts new selfies every few days or less. Every time you check her profile, she’s got a new profile picture or she’s added more images to her album. Why would someone do that unless they wanted to get more attention and make more matches? Often, when updating one’s dating app profile, this allows one to get noticed again by other members.
  5. She likes being mysterious and getting you to ask her questions. She’s intriguing, but maybe that’s not such an attractive quality. She might just seem so when really she knows how to make you work for her attention. She might, for example, not give you real answers to questions, which makes you want to ask her more stuff. Don’t fall into the trap—if she always does this, clearly she’s just keen on feeling wanted. 
  6. She’s easily bored. She always talks about how restless she is and how she can’t stay in one place for too long because she craves excitement. That’s not really reassuring if you would like to date her. She’s just floating around for as long as it’s convenient for her.
  7. She wants your attention at weird times. When it’s really late on a Saturday night, she’ll drop you a message to see if you’re still awake. It seems like she’s always keen to talk to you when it suits her (read: she’s drunk after a fun night out) and when she’s not busy with anything else. Meanwhile, the rest of the time, she’s not as insistent on having interesting conversations with you. Too damn convenient!
  8. She fishes for attention. This is easily displayed by the type of images she uploads to the dating app, and also the images she’s keen to send you privately. If she’s always pouting or dressed in hardly anything in those snaps, she’s probably just keen on receiving compliments from you to make herself feel better about herself. Yup, she’s just looking for some “likes.” Damn, if she’s like this online, imagine what she’ll be like in real life!
  9. She posts mysterious things in her dating profile. She might have vague headlines or strange things she regularly adds to her bio in the hope that it makes people wonder what she’s talking about – and then ask her. The classic examples are those confusing lyrics or lines from poems. When you do ask her about them, chances are she just gives you an even vaguer answer because she likes to leave you guessing. Admit it, after a while of playing her guessing games, you’re going to start seeing her as childish instead of interesting. And you’d be right on the money.