Study Shows Nice Guys Rule On Dating Apps

You might think nice guys finish last, but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to online dating. A study conducted by Zoosk has found that women prefer nice guys instead of the bad boys. Here’s why, with some interesting findings from the study that can help you improve your online dating game.

  1. The words “knight in shining armor” work. You might think it’s corny to put the words “knight in shining armor” in your dating profile bio, but the study found that it works to interest women. No, really. Men who put these words in their profile got up to 67% more messages. Wow, so it’s clearly not lame at all. Maybe it’s because knights tend to be romantic and chivalrous, two qualities that women still appreciate.
  2. Being a good listener is a must. Women tend to complain to their friends about the guys they date who just don’t listen to them. Yup, it’s really a problem, which is why the study found that when men wrote themselves up as being a good listener on their dating app profiles, it got them 43% more messages from women. This makes total sense since part of being a nice guy is lending a golden ear to your partner, after all.
  3. If you’re polite or friendly, you also get more matches. Men who mentioned the words “polite” or “friendly” also got more attention from women on dating apps, but interestingly not as much as those who were knights in shining armor and great listeners. The word “polite” got men 21% more messages, while “friendly” ensured 12% more messages. Still, it shows that women are after the good guys.
  4. Being nice is about giving back. Women like nice guys because it means they’re kind to those around them, not just when it comes to loved ones but when it comes to people in need. In fact, men who wrote the words “give back” in their profile earned a whopping 60% more messages than guys who didn’t. The word “giving” also worked nicely, securing men 33% more messages. Time to brush up on your good deeds, guys.
  5. Women want what you don’t think they want. When you ask yourself what women want and what they’re looking for in a partner, you might think of words like “sexy,” “biceps,” and “wealth,” but you’re wrong! The same study found that words like “laugh,” “fun,” “kind,” “family,” and “caring” were rated highly by women in their 20s.  So there you go. Now’s not the time to try to be anything different from what you are, because it’s sexy.
  6. Don’t leave her waiting. You might think dating means playing a little hard to get. As a guy, this might make you want to leave her waiting for a few days after a first date. You might also try to wait long periods of time after receiving a message from her. Not only is doing this stuff supposed to keep her interested in you, but it helps you to not come across as some desperate or needy guy. But it could backfire. The same study found that men who message women back the same day had a 62% response rate, compared to men who waited two days to reply – they only got a 45% response rate. Pick up the damn phone because she’s not going to wait around for you forever.
  7. Just a word of caution. If you’re a genuinely nice guy who displays some of the qualities mentioned in the study, such as being caring and family-oriented, using powerful keywords in your dating profile and messages can help to increase your popularity while showing off some of your great personality traits. However, if you’re putting in keywords that don’t reflect you or your lifestyle at all, that’s just messing with people you meet. For example, if you put the words “giving back” into your profile but you never actually help those in need, that’s sneaky and unfair. Be real and genuine. If you’re a nice guy in your own way, feel comfortable to express it because you know that women actually like nice guys. But don’t try to be something you’re not. Women can always see through this and you’ll find yourself alone.