Subtle Signs She Might Be Cheating On You

If you’re in a relationship, your girlfriend cheating on you is probably one of your worst fears. Just suspecting that she may be cheating can gnaw at you to the point of going crazy. If you think your girlfriend is being unfaithful, keep a look out for this subtle signs that could let you know one way or another.

  1. She’s discreet with her phone. Any kind of unusual activity with her phone could be cause for alarm. If she’s always on her phone but won’t let you near it, she probably has something to hide, especially if she smiles but won’t share what she’s looking at on her phone that’s making her happy. At the same time, if she doesn’t answer calls when you’re around, it could mean she doesn’t want to be on the phone with her other lover in front of you.
  2. Her sex drive changes. Any drastic change in your girlfriend’s sex drive is a sign of potential cheating. If she’s suddenly not interested at all, it’s possible she’s getting it somewhere else. But you should also be wary of a sudden uptick in her sex drive. Yes, that may sound like good news, but if she’s in the honeymoon phase with another guy, her sex drive will be up and she may just be closing her eyes and pretending you’re the other guy.
  3. She’s spending more time with her friends or co-workers. Are nights with her friends that you’re not invited to becoming more frequent? If so, she may be cheating on you. Sure, if things are going well in your relationship she may just want to reconnect with old friends. However, a girls’ night out is also a perfect cover for seeing another guy, especially if they’re suddenly happening more frequently than usual.
  4. She refuses to make long-term relationship plans. Think about this for a second. Do you have any plans to travel together in a couple months? Do you two have tickets to a concert that’s four months down the road? If you two have no long-term plans, especially if she’s said no to your idea to create some, it could mean that she’s not planning on being around that long if things work out with the other guy she’s seeing.
  5. She’s less talkative these days. If your girlfriend is usually shy and reserved, this may be hard to detect. But if she’s a regular chatterbox but has suddenly stopped talking so much, it could indicate that she’s done all of her talking with someone else. After all, she’s not going to recount her day to two different guys, so if she’s no longer being open about sharing the details of her day with you, it could mean there’s someone else in the picture.
  6. She claims you’re forgetting something she told you. When women are juggling multiple guys, they can sometimes forget what guy they told a specific story to or reference an inside joke with the wrong guy. It may be subtle, and if she catches herself, she may try to backtrack quickly. But if she is adamant that she told you something that she didn’t, either you’re a terrible listener or she has gotten her two boyfriends mixed up. Either way, you got a problem.
  7. No longer using pet names. Even when the honeymoon phase is over, a couple that’s devoted to each other will still use their cute nicknames for one another. But if this suddenly stops, it’s a sign that she no longer cares to be intimate or affectionate with you, possibly because she’s found someone else.
  8. She’s always asking where you are. This is a tough one to sense because couples should know where one another is and be curious about the other person’s daily routine. However, if she wants you to get overly specific about where you’ll be, how long you’ll be there, and when you’ll be back, it’s possible she wants to extract that information from you so she’ll know how much time she has to rendezvous with her other boyfriend without you getting suspicious. Yes, women are a crafty bunch, aren’t they?
  9. She suddenly has lots of new friends or interests. People in happy relationships don’t make a lot of new friends. They also don’t explore that many new interests unless you guys do so as a couple. If your girlfriend suddenly has a bunch of new friends and is trying out new hobbies, it could be a byproduct of cheating on you with one of those new friends.
  10. She’s been upping her appearance game lately. Again, this can be a tricky sign to spot. After all, who wouldn’t love a girlfriend who still tries to look her best for you? But if she’s buying new outfits, wearing more makeup than usual, and caring about her appearance the way she did when you two started dating, there’s a chance she has started to date someone new.
  11. Lack of eye contact when speaking. If she has started going through the motions of being in a relationship, it could mean she’s moved on from you emotionally, if not physically as well. One way to spot this is if she no longer cares enough to make eye contact when you two are speaking. If she can’t be bothered to look at when you’re talking to her, she may have already check out.
  12. Something smells fishy. If you suspect your girlfriend is cheating, be aware of any unusual smells. If your girlfriend is wearing a new perfume that you didn’t give her, odds are someone else gave it to her. Also, if she’s wearing more than usual, it’s possible she’s trying to metaphorically cover up bad behavior or literally cover up the stench of another guy. A new scent on your girlfriend may not prove anything, but it’s not a good sign.