Survey Results: Desirable Single Women Open Up On Dating, Sex, And Guys Who Take Shirtless Selfies

Cove is a new, private, members-only dating app that solves a lot of the problems with online dating. In just a few days, the app has received thousands of applicants because of its unique, results-focused approach to dating. Cove did a closed survey with 800 single and verified women on the app to find out the following:

Are you open to meeting a guy from a different city?
A) yes – 61%
B) no – 16%
C) maybe, but probably not to date seriously – 23%

Generally speaking, who should pay on a first dinner date:
A) split – 11%
B) the one who invites – 23%
C) him – 60%
D) her – 6%

Do you think it is better for a guy who likes you, to be told when you put him in the “friend-zone”?
a) yes – 73%
b) no – 27%

What do you think you will like best about Cove:
A) guys have to put in some effort (paying cover charge) – 46%
B) having option to see his linked in industry and job title – 15%
C) winning rewards for overall general use of the app – 29%
D) charity donation option – 10%

Do you believe that because of social media, guys have generally stopped trying to meet women in person/real life during the day?
A) heck ya – 74%
B) no, not really – 26%

If a guy DOESN’T invite you to meet him in the Cove for text, audio and video conversation before taking it off-line , HE:
A) Probably can’t afford the cover charge (which is totally cool btw) – 18%
B) Isn’t genuinely that interested to make an effort in meeting you – 65%
C) Hasn’t heard of COVE – 17%

Have you ever broke up with someone by text message?
A) yes – 41%
b) no – 59%

Which is more important in a relationship ?
a) laughing with your partner – 87%
b) sex with your Partner – 13%

Your biggest complaint about dating apps:
A) waste of time – 40%
B) no incentive to seriously consider /explore all your options – 36%
C) guys lie on their profile – 24%

Do you automatically swipe left/reject any guy who has shirtless selfies on his on-line dating profile?

A) Yes – 51%
B) No – 8%
C) Depends how cute he is – 41%

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