The 10 Most Annoying Things You Can Do In Bed

Sex is arguably one of the most fun things we get to experience in life. It feels good, is great exercise, and typically ends with an orgasm. Thumbs up to all those things. Unfortunately, it can also be the most awkward, uncomfortable and downright unpleasant things to do if your partner is oblivious to their annoying behavior. Don’t be that partner.

  1. Keeping your socks on. Aside from getting completely naked except for a t-shirt, the socks-only look is one of the worst looks you can sport in bed. It’ll make her feel like she’s having sex with a teenage boy with his parents downstairs and that’s not sexy. However, if you have some weird foot fungus or webbed feet, I get it—keep those suckers on.
  2. Pushing her head when she’s going down on you. First of all, no one likes to be micromanaged in bed. Secondly, if you push her head down, it will totally ruin the mood for her. She’ll be annoyed and will think of nothing more than the fact that you’re a total jerk. It shows a lack of respect and is in no way sexy. Plus, she could pull a muscle in her neck and you can forget getting with her ever again after that.
  3. Trying to last as long as possible. Despite what you may think, having sex for hours is not ideal for most women. Sure, women want you to last more than a minute, or long enough to get them off first, but HOURS? Nope. Sex marathons are great if you have breaks in between, switch up the location and most importantly, bring lube.
  4. Getting overly aggressive with your fingers. Her clitoris is sensitive—like, really, really sensitive. Attacking it aggressively with your fingers is the equivalent of her shoving her hands down your pants and squeezing your balls as tightly as possible. Does that sound pleasant to you? Didn’t think so. Tease her delicately until she’s ready for speed, but never put too much pressure on the area. Basically, treat the clitoris as you would your own balls.
  5. Checking your phone or looking at the TV. It’s sometimes nice to keep the TV on when you’re having sex because it masks the occasional stomach growl or awkward bed creak. You feel a little less insecure about your sounds and it may even provide the perfect lighting. But if you’re tempted to look at the TV at any point, it’s best to keep it off. If she catches you watching TV, looking at a text message, or answering your phone, she’s going to assume you’re either bored or rude. Neither are good looks for you.
  6. Skipping foreplay. Foreplay is important. Foreplay is important. Foreplay is important. I can’t stress this enough. If you’re skipping foreplay, you’re missing out on so much sexual satisfaction and the person who suffers the most is her. Women need a little more time to get in the mood and if you spend more time on foreplay, you can guarantee her level of horny will go from 0 to 100. By the time you’re done with foreplay, she’ll be begging to take you inside her.
  7. Being way too sensitive. “Does this feel okay?” is a sure sign of a man with zero confidence. “Did you enjoy it?” If you have to ask this question, chances are she did not. She wants to know that you’re confident in bed. While some women like to take charge, it’s super sexy when a guy takes control in bed and actually knows what he’s doing. This doesn’t mean that you should continue if she feels uncomfortable, but it’s also not the time to be Mr. Sensitivity. Unless, of course, you’re in high school and she’s a virgin.
  8. Staying creepily quiet. Everyone wants to know that they’re doing great in bed. A woman wants to know that she’s incredibly sexy, that she makes you feel amazing and that she has all the right moves. Silence tells her that you’re bored out of your mind, or plotting to murder her afterward.
  9. Talking incessantly. Talking is not as bad as silence, but still isn’t ideal. No one wants a full-on narration during sex. It’s distracting. You want to attain the perfect balance of moans and dirty talk, but this is definitely not the time to talk about your feelings or the current economic state. Less talking and more focus on getting the job done right.
  10. Begging to take the condom off. Of all the things on this list, this is the most despicable and unattractive. If you’re in a long-term relationship with her, have the conversation about losing the protection BEFORE you get freaky. If this is a new partner, removing the condom should not even be remotely on your radar. Pressuring and begging her to have sex without a condom is not only a turn-off but super rape-y. Don’t be that guy.