The Best Non-Sexual Things To Do With Your Girlfriend To Bring You Closer

Sex is great but it’s not everything. There are plenty other ways to form an intimate connection with your girlfriend that both of you will always be in the mood for. If you’re looking to strengthen your bond, here are some of the best non-sexual activities and experiences you can try.

  1. Try out a new sport together. It doesn’t even matter if you’re athletic. When you try a new sport together, it’s more about finding a common bond and less about competition. In the nicer months, it’s also a good excuse to go outside and get exercise too. Even if it’s simply kicking a soccer ball around, it’ll be a fun way to build up some endorphins and get to know each other on a different type of physical level.
  2. Play a game of truth or dare. It’s not just for high school kids. Well, okay, it’s mostly for high school kids. But it’s also a good way to get to know someone on a deeper level. Just make sure your dares aren’t embarrassing. Keep things fun and keep the focus on getting to know your girlfriend a little more personally.
  3. Buy tickets to a movie you’ve never even heard of.  Go to the theater, get a ticket to whatever’s playing next, and sit through it together. There’s a guarantee that whenever anyone talks about the movie, you’ll instantly think of your girlfriend and your fun spontaneity. Hey, you could even get lucky and accidentally choose something that’ll end up being nominated for an Oscar.
  4. Try pottery. Whether it’s taking a pottery class or finding a place to go in and paint your own pottery, this experience will allow the two of you to create keepsakes. Plus, you couldn’t ask for a more peaceful environment. It’s a good way to use your hands, that’s for sure.
  5. Go on a hike. There’s nothing better than the great outdoors, and when you’ve found a decent trail, the experience can be truly bonding.  Hiking is an experience, and possibly one of the best ones to share with your girlfriend. Plus, being surrounded by trees and the wilderness is a good way to appreciate the environment. Just make sure you pack all of the essentials before heading out since getting dehydrated halfway through the trail might lower the morale.
  6. Go to an art gallery together. Art is such an incredible thing. While you can stare at a painting and see one thing, your girlfriend could look and interpret it a totally different way. When you go to an art gallery or museum, it’s a time of reflection and the perfect way to celebrate culture with your girlfriend. It’s also pretty romantic if you’re searching for date ideas. (And even better, it’s something you can do more than once.)  If it’s a success, you should search to see if your town or a nearby town has a special day to honor local art and make sure to mark your calendar.
  7. Cook a meal together. There’s a real passion behind cooking. By creating a meal together, it’s guaranteed to taste amazing since it’s something you both worked hard on. Plus, cooking is a wonderful skill to have — and if you designate a night (say, Friday) to work on a recipe together, you’ll be spending quality time together while simultaneously improving your chopping and dicing skills.
  8. Tell her a secret you’ve never told anyone else. Guys are private sometimes. They often enjoy bonding with their buddies by grabbing a beer and watching the game together at a bar. Women, however, are more into getting the scoop about what’s happening in their social group. By confiding in her and telling her something nobody else in the world knows, you’re forming even more of an intimate bond. Girls like feeling that they know someone better than anyone else — especially their boyfriend.
  9. Order a pizza in bed. It’s like, the ultimate dream as a kid. Why not make it a reality? Order a large pizza with your favorite toppings, find a movie to stream, and sit back and enjoy. There’s nothing more romantic than food in bed, and it’s a relaxing experience everyone should try at least once. See? You just incorporated your bed into another intimate activity without even realizing it.