These 7 Things Do NOT Mean She Really Wants To Have Sex With You

She’s flirting with you and touching her hair, so she clearly wants to jump into bed with you – not! Before you create an awkward or uncomfortable situation with her, don’t assume that she wants to have sex by reading too much into these 7 signs.

  1. She plays with her earrings. It might be her earrings, bracelet, or hair that she keeps fiddling with during conversation. For some weird reason, this has become regarded as a clear sign that a woman wants to have sex, which is mind-boggling. Okay, so there are two problems with this assumption. For starters, even if she is flirting, it doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you. Secondly, it’s just too vague! Such actions could mean other things, like anxiety or first-date nerves.
  2. She laughs at your jokes. Weirdly, there’s some dating advice out there that claims that if you can make a woman laugh, she’s going to want to sleep with you. Um, no. It’s not that simple. She might be laughing because you’re genuinely funny or witty, or because she’s stroking your ego. Sure, humor in a guy is sexy AF, but a few chuckles or belly laughs don’t mean she wants to jump into your bed.
  3. She invites you into her apartment. Sure, it’s a good sign that something could happen because she’s inviting you into her home. But when you walk through the door, don’t immediately assume she’s going to lead you straight to her bedroom. It’s insulting. She might want to invite you over to become more comfortable with you, not necessarily comfortable enough to sleep with you. Slow down!
  4. She kisses you. Okay, so if the kiss at the end of the date is really passionate, it might mean she wants to rip your clothes off. But just because she’s interested in kissing you, it doesn’t immediately mean that she wants sex, so don’t make assumptions. “But she kissed me,” isn’t a solid enough reason for inviting her to your place for sex right now. A kiss can just be a kiss, after all.
  5. She dresses sexily. No, no, no! Just because she’s provocatively dressed for your date, it doesn’t mean she’s hoping to show you her naked body in all its glory later. She might just dress that way because she likes it. Even if she chose that low-cut dress to impress you so you’d find her attractive, it doesn’t mean that she’s definitely down for sex. Don’t make assumptions about what she wants based on her clothing choices. A woman in a polo-neck could want sex, for example, which proves that those assumptions are ridiculous.
  6. She shares her meal with you. This is another strange dating tip that’s all over the internet for how to apparently tell that a woman wants to have sex with you. But it’s a big fail! Um, just because she thought it would be fun to share her burger or tiramisu pudding with you, it doesn’t mean she’s thinking in sexual terms. Even though by eating she’s drawing attention to her mouth, it’s still quite a long shot to assume that she wants to have her way with you. She might just be trying to be romantic.
  7. She touches you. If she touches you on a date, such as by playfully slapping your elbow or jabbing your arm during conversation, it doesn’t mean she’s going to want sex right off the bat. Yes, touching is a form of flirting, but unless she’s really getting in your space and breathily telling you about sexual things, touch on its own doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  Take a chill pill and focus on having a great date instead of rushing her back to your place.

Bottom line: Basically, what this issue boils down to is that asking a woman straight up if she wants to have sex is the only way to know for sure that she’s keen on it. Period. When analyzing a woman’s behavior on a first date, you really need to consider that every woman is different and will have her own way of getting it across that she’s interested in having sex with you, so don’t get ahead of yourself. Slow down, pay attention to her clues, and ask. Always, always ask to make 100% sure.