These Are The Body Parts Women Find Most Attractive, According To Research

You might think what women want in a partner is biceps and above-average height, but there are actually lots of different things women find attractive in men – and they’re backed by science. Here are 9 worth knowing about.

  1. Being fit. Heading to the gym five times a week isn’t just about having a toned, sexy body she’ll appreciate. Women actually want a man who takes care of himself, and this is displayed by a man who stays in shape. In fact, according to a Men’s Health poll, 12% of women like a fit body because it shows that the man has self-control and discipline. See, she’s looking for more than just biceps!
  2. Having a nice butt. It’s not just men who stare at women’s rears – women stare at men’s, too. An AskMen poll that surveyed 100 women found that most of them expressed liking strong glutes. Well, you always look at Kim K’s rear, so you can’t blame women for wanting a sexy and shapely butt, can you?
  3. Baby face features.  A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that women like men who have big eyes, a small-to-medium nose, and a strong jaw. Wide cheekbones also feature as sexy. The reason? These features make men look warmer, while people with baby faces are seen as more submissive, honest, and more naive, which is apparently attractive!
  4. Broody nature. If you’re not a member of The Brady Bunch, that can actually work to get you dates instead of repel women. A study that was done by the University of British Columbia found that women were more sexually attracted to brooding men than happy guys. Okay, so it might have something to do with the bad boy thing, but it doesn’t mean that you should never smile!
  5. An uncommon face. No, we’re not talking about quirky facial features. A study from the University of South Wales found that women find men’s facial hairstyles or clean-shaven faces as more attractive in photos when fewer men in the photos had them. So, if all your mates have beards, maybe the clean-shaven look will set you apart from the rest, huh?
  6. A deep voice. You don’t have to sound like Barry White, but a deep voice helps to boost your attractiveness. Research from University College London found that women see a deeper voice as pertaining to a man who’s larger and stronger. Hmmm, interesting! If you don’t have a deep, soothing honey-on-coffee voice, don’t stress. You can always get rid of high-pitched squeaks with a few speaking lessons.
  7. Moving slower. No, we’re not talking about how quickly you ask her out on the dating app, but how you actually move and speak when you’re with her. Research that was published in Psychology Today found that men who have slower body movements and speak slower are seen as more confident because they’re at ease with themselves. So, if you’re nervous, try to calm down so you don’t appear twitchy.
  8. Attractive hands. There’s something about your hands that can make you more attractive to women without you even knowing about it (or being able to fix it ’cause it’s down to genetics). It’s your finger length! A study by McGill University in Montreal found that the shorter your index finger when compared to your ring finger, the more likely women will see you as being a nicer person. The study goes on to say that men with these finger lengths were perceived as being better listeners, they smiled and laughed more, and complimented women. Weird! Although a woman might not be checking out your finger length on a date, you should still groom your hands. If they’re soft and well cared for, she’ll see that as attractive – and softer hands are so much nicer to hold than rough ones.
  9. Looking strong. You might think women want muscles, but they actually want a man who looks strong. A study that was published in Royal Society journal Proceedings B found that 70% of women find strength in a partner most attractive, specifically upper-body strength. This includes having wide shoulders and a good handgrip strength. You can thank our ancestors for this one. They wanted partners who could hunt and protect them, so maybe the woman you’re dating wants a strong partner because she knows that you’d be able to fight for her (and sweep her off her feet).