Things Women Look For In Men’s Dating Profiles

You want to put as much of yourself into your dating profile as possible to get a woman to swipe right. Because you don’t have unlimited space, you need to do this efficiently to draw the right candidates. With that in mind, here’s a list of things women look for in your dating profile that you should include.

  1. Avoid cliches. Yes, you can say you like going outside and that you enjoy spending time with your friends, but go deeper than that. Don’t only list those basic activities. Provide specific examples of what you like to do such as hiking or spending time at the lake. Also, list some of your favorite local places you like go with your friends. Give her more information than most of the other guys on the dating app in question so that she knows what kind of person you are and the types of things you might enjoy doing on your dates.
  2. Use spellcheck. You’re not turning your profile in for a grade to a teacher, but a woman’s going to grade you on your basic quality of presentation. There’s no bigger turn-off for a woman than seeing an incorrectly spelled word in your profile description. Make sure everything you post is correct and that you don’t have run on sentences. You don’t need a friend to check it, but you should spend a little time making sure it sounds like you put some effort into it. Avoid using text speak and abbreviations as well.
  3. Don’t use slang or profanity. You want to sound intelligent and like you can hold a conversation without cursing every five seconds. This means avoiding slang you’d use with your friends or harsher language you wouldn’t bring to a business meeting. Keep it cordial, straightforward, and polite. Women don’t want a guy who constantly runs his mouth off and who she’d be uncomfortable taking out in public. Treat your profile as a way for you to show what a gentleman you can be.
  4. Tell her what you have to offer her.  She’s going to have spent the past 20 minutes going through dozens of other profiles where guys share insignificant facts about themselves. What makes your profile stand out? Why should she stop on yours? This means spending a little time in the mirror and gauging what you have to offer. This can mean talking about how much you read, your favorite types of movies, hobbies and activities you do when you’re spending time with her as a partner. Not only will this make you stand out from the other guys with the bare minimum descriptions, but you’ll show her how confident you are to know exactly who you are. Women want a confident man!
  5. Keep it short and sweet. Women don’t want to read a manuscript. This means you have to include all of this information from above in your profile without having it drag on and on. Take your time sharing about yourself, but don’t bore her with a one-sided conversation. Give just enough detail to keep a little mystery alive. As a result, the two of you will have plenty to talk about during the start of your conversations.
  6. Have an appropriate profile picture. She’s not going to appreciate the picture where you were out having a night drinking with your friends. You probably won’t have put on your best clothes either. Don’t use any of these images for your dating profile. Keep those to Facebook or Snapchat. Instead, choose picture where you wearing something nice with your family, or a photograph with great background while you were out hiking. You want to use something that highlights a big, welcoming smile and a hobby you actively take part in. Make yourself seem visually charming too.
  7. Describe what type of woman you’re looking for.  Make sure your profile briefly mentions who you’re looking for. Sure, you want to make sure yourself sound great to her, but is she who you’re looking for? She doesn’t want to waste her time getting to know you if you’re going to drop out when you learn more about her. No one wants to waste their time. Provide some information about the ideal woman you’re looking for. You’ll do better describing a personality than you would physical attributes. If you list what you’re physically looking for in a woman in a profile, you’ve already lost her interest in you.