Ways To Update Your Living Space To Impress Female Guests

You’ve gotten to know a wonderful new woman and have taken her out on a few dates. With things going great, you invite her back to your place one night, hoping to wow her as soon as she walks through the front door. Here are a few things you can do to your living space to make it look amazing and totally impress her.

  1. Keep clutter to a minimum. Get all of your scattered things organized and don’t have random stuff cluttered everywhere. This means putting your dishes in their correct cupboards, lining up books evenly on a shelf, and putting away all of your dirty laundry in a hamper. Show her you enjoy walking from room to room seeing everything in its proper place. She certainly will.
  2. Don’t save cleaning up for last. After you’ve finished organizing your stuff, it’s time to take out your cleaning supplies and scrub down every surface. If you don’t already make a routine of deep cleaning, you don’t know how long this task takes you. Block out an afternoon if you have to. You really don’t want to get lazy and do this at the last minute. She’ll know if you did a rushed job.
  3. For the love of God, scrub your bathroom down. This cannot be stressed enough. At some point, she’ll need to use the restroom and you want her to feel as comfortable as possible when she does. To succeed in this task, you need to thoroughly clean every surface before she gets there and you need to do this well. This means wiping down the sink, behind the toilet, your shower, and any other location you think she will see. If you can see it, you’d better clean it.
  4. Have soap at the ready. Having soap readily available in the bathroom is great. Make sure you put a bar of soap or have a liquid dispenser at least half full at every sink. This extends to your kitchen too. Having soap where you prepare your meals says that you consistently care about cleanliness and sanitary conditions. Don’t make it seem like a one-time deal.
  5. Provide fresh towels at any location she might wash her hands. Because you’re a clean person and you keep things tidy, you’re going to use your towels frequently. That doesn’t mean they stay hanging up forever. Throw them in your washer and have them go through their own wash cycle at least once a week. You want them to look fresh. No one wants to clean their hands using an overused towel. Plus, this tells her you actively think about others when you invite people over.
  6. Hang up some quality photographs or artwork. The best way to improve the quality of any room is to hang up photographs. These should feature you doing exciting things with your friends or your family or even prints of famous paintings you like. Take this opportunity to find pictures you can talk about with her. If she points out one of them to you, you can drop these amazing stories and she’ll learn a little bit more about you.
  7. Play some quiet, calm music in the background. If you’ve already gone on a few dates with this woman, you probably have an idea of what she likes to listen to. You may not know her favorite songs, but you should at least have a general idea of what she likes. Before she gets there, create a playlist of popular music to play in the background. You don’t want this music to play too loudly. You’ll find it’s easier to talk with her when you don’t have any buzzing silence making it awkward.
  8. Light a scented candle or have some other room fragrance. The final thing you need to do before she gets there is make your main living space smell great. Sure, she’ll see and appreciate everything you’ve done so far, but when you have a remarkable aroma floating around, she’ll remember that. She’ll think about it on her drive home and she’ll think about it when you ask her over again. This means lighting a candle an hour or two before she arrives. Blow it out before she gets there, however. When you’re still getting to know someone, nothing looks worse than having a lit candle somewhere in the room.