What Women Really Think Of Men’s Body Hair

While all women are different, most of us can agree on a few things when it comes to men’s body hair.

  1. In many ways, its presence or absence doesn’t actually matter. Men are human just like women and there are so many factors that go into the length of a person’s hair as well as the darkness and thickness of it. We’ve dated guys who could literally grow a full beard overnight while they slept and other guys who took four weeks just to get a tiny bit of scruff on their chins. We know sometimes men can get self-conscious about their hair or lack of it in regards to their masculinity, but honestly, it’s not something us women are super concerned with. So, don’t stress about it.
  2. Facial hair is completely subjective. Facial hair is probably the biggest gray area when it comes to men’s body hair. Some women are all about that “no shave November” look and love a full-on Paul Bunyan in the bedroom. However, many of us aren’t incredibly attracted to the Rip Van Winkle beard. It’s okay if you have it but, but your girlfriend may like a clean shaven face with maybe just some slight scruff.  If you do have a long beard, please make sure that it’s always well groomed. Treat it just like the hair on your head and shampoo and condition it as well as comb them out regularly. No girl wants to make out with a guy whose beard smells or is sweaty and gross. Total mood killer.
  3. Chest and back hair isn’t something we think much about. Honestly, we could take it or leave it. Some guys have a lot of chest hair and some don’t. Again, it’s not something we think too deeply about. If it’s there, cool. We might grab onto it for a second if we’re feeling particularly feisty in a given moment. If it’s not there, also cool. Both can be sexy, depending on who you ask.
  4. Arm and leg hair we expect to be there but we also don’t mind if it’s not. This one feels like a bit of a double standard because women are always expected to have bare legs and arms/armpits but men just grow freely. I once hooked up with a competitive swimmer who shaved his legs and arms so that he would have more speed in the water. It honestly didn’t even occur to me that he had smooth legs until we were cuddling and he couldn’t keep my feet as warm because there was no hair there. I guess I missed it in that sense, but it definitely wasn’t something that turned me off. Just shave what you want to shave and don’t shave what you don’t.
  5. What about guys’ hair… down there? Honestly, it’s a tricky situation to comment on because just like women’s pubic hair, different people are into different things. I know that the majority of men are all natural down there and very few are clean-shaven. Most of us have experienced both sides of that spectrum during hookups and we don’t necessarily prefer it one way or the other. If you’re sporting a jungle down there, just follow the beard rule and make sure you shower beforehand out of respect for your partner.
  6. That said, it can be kind of inconvenient. There are a few minor sexual inconveniences when it comes to men’s hair down there, and most of them come into play when we’re giving oral. Obviously, when it’s cleaner down there, it’s easier and more pleasant for us to really get in there and perform to the best of our abilities. It’s never fun to finish giving amazing head and then realize you have hair that’s not your own in your mouth. Not great. Then again, it’s kind of a hazard of the game, so if it happens, it happens. At least we both (hopefully) had a good time during the oral.
  7. No, being shaved doesn’t make you look bigger, sorry. Once a guy told me that he shaved because it made his junk look bigger and I was so confused. Not only do I not think that’s necessarily true, even if it did happen to make you appear larger, I promise you, your partner isn’t focusing on that. She’s just trying to please you, no matter what your size.
  8. We won’t comment on your situation if you don’t comment on mine. The one thing that really gets on my nerves is when I hear from a girlfriend that a guy she hooked up with wasn’t cool that she wasn’t fully waxed down there. And yet, when she pulls down his boxers, he’s growing a national forest? If you have a certain preference, that’s fine, but you have to be willing to return the favor if it’s so important to you. It’s only fair.
  9. As long as we’re having fun, it doesn’t phase us. As long as what we’re doing in the bedroom (or wherever we’re gettin’ it on) is fun and we’re both enjoying ourselves, we’re probably not even remotely thinking about your body hair. We’re just living in the moment and relishing the experience. If the sex is so good that you give us a wild, mind-blowing orgasm, there’s a 10/10 chance we won’t even be able to remember if you were hairy or not.