What’s Her Body Language Really Saying?

When you first meet a woman, it can be hard to tell what she’s thinking or if she’s interested in you. To help figure it out,  pay attention not only to what she’s saying but her body language too. It just might tell you everything you need to know.

  1. Is she touching her hair a lot? While the two of you are talking, she’s consistently playing with her hair. You may associate this with boredom, but this is the exact opposite. When a woman casually plays with hair during a one-on-one conversation, she’s telling you she’s interested in you. How does that work? It’s a female’s way of chemically communicating that she appreciates your company. You shouldn’t assume she likes you based off her doing it once, but if it’s happening regularly—she’s twisting strands around her fingers, fixing her bangs, or any other hair adjustments—that’s a pretty good sign.
  2. Is she laughing or giggling a lot? When you get a woman to laugh, you’re in a good spot. It makes talking to her much easier and it shows she’s comfortable around you. The real trick is getting her to giggle. A giggle tells you she’s trying to get you to really notice her. It’s girlish and somewhat shy but meant to be flirty too. Keep up with your current topic and continue making those jokes because you’re on the right track.
  3. Do her eyebrows move when she speaks to you? You’ll need to watch for this movement quickly if you want to understand it. When she’s talking directly to you, you can tell she’s taken a liking to you by the way her eyebrows move. You’ll see them rapidly move up and down while she’s telling you something. Why does this happen? It’s to make herself look more attractive. This little action is opening her eyes up to more light, making them brighter. Humans do this all the time. This means for anyone quick enough to catch this, the best reaction you can give is to raise your eyebrows in response. You’ll do the same thing for her and convey a similar message.
  4. Does she make a lot of eye contact? Two people having an intimate conversation typically make eye contact often. When a woman stares at you longer than normal, it’s probably because she’s checking you out. What’s really important is to see if you can catch her analyzing you with a prolonged gaze. If you can, it’s likely because she let you. Women are extremely good at concealing their eye contact and by catching her, it’s her way of signaling her interest to you.
  5. Does she face her body towards yours at all times? Some people may sit sideways during a conversation or have their body facing somewhere else. When a woman shifts her entire form to face you, this means what you’re telling her is significant. It’s probably easiest to tell this when you’re both standing at a bar and she turns to face you. She’s giving you her full attention and not letting anything distract her. You’d better bring your best game when this happens.
  6. Is she crossing her arms? When a guy crosses his arms, he’s probably doing it casually when he listens to a conversation. When a woman does it, it’s because she’s not enjoying what you’re talking about. She might feel a little defensive about what’s going on. The best reaction to this is to start talking about something else and see if she feels more comfortable. If you find she’s still keeping her arms over her chest, she’s probably not comfortable around you. If she uncrosses them, you should continue the current subject.
  7. Is she physically pulling away? As the two of you continue to talk, you can see her trying to lean back and away from you. If you lean in closer, you may get additional signs of her looking away. When you see this happening, it’s probably best to pack up the conversation and head out. She’s not interested in you and you need to respect that. The more you attempt to press the conversation, the more uncomfortable and uninterested she’s going to be. There’s someone out there who will be way more receptive.