Your Grooming Regimen Should Include These Four Facial Products

It can be extremely tough to pick the right facial products for your skin, especially when you’re a guy. There used to be few options for men when it came to face washes and aftershave, but now the skincare market is overflowing. It can be confusing and seemingly impossible to pick the perfect products for your face so let us help you find the best for your skin care regimen.

For Acne

As someone in my late 20s, I remember the days of being a teenager when the acne care options were, for lack of a better word, horrible. While my acne never got to the point of needing prescription cremes or anything like that, the over-the-counter stuff that was available always led to dry or flaky skin. These days, there are so many skin products focused on acne prevention and many of them are much better for your face and your health.

For acne-free skin, I recommend the Deep Pore Acne Cleanser from Arbonne’s Clear Future line. An old girlfriend was a sales rep for this company and she turned me on to this line of acne-fighting products. While they’re not exactly cheap, they work so well. Better yet, they work without drying out your skin, something that was often a result of those old acne washes.

Using this cleanser twice a day will reduce acne and prevent future breakouts, while also making your face softer and smoother.

For Cleanliness

While I highly recommend everything in this article, I also urge you to listen to the women in your life when it comes to hygiene. As I said, that acne wash came from an ex-girlfriend, and the second product I’m about to mention comes courtesy of a tip from my mom, who spent my teen years helping me improve my skin care.

Harry’s Face Wash is a recent addition to my grooming regimen and it’s fantastic (not to mention inexpensive). It’s focused on cleaning and exfoliating your skin, which also helps acne prevention. Unlike many exfoliating face washes that contain plastic beads, Harry’s contains volcanic rock. It sounds strange, but it’s actually much better for your face AND better for the environment. It includes eucalyptus and mint essential oils which will make your skin smell good and feel even better.

For Shaving

As a teenager, I never suffered from post-shave razor bumps or anything like that. However, it’s been more of an issue throughout my 20s and a good, natural aftershave gel has been crucial. If razor bumps are an issue for you, you should start by making sure to thoroughly rinse with cold water after shaving. I also suggest using Aveda’s Pure-Formance Dual Action Aftershave.

This 2-in-1 moisturizer helps reduce razor burn and bumps while also improving your skin and preventing excess oil. Since it has multiple purposes, you can even use it on days that you don’t shave — and you should, especially if you deal with oily skin. Aveda’s Pure-Formance products have very pleasant aromas and the aftershave is no exception. I can’t stand products that smell alcohol-based (it takes me back to my high school years), so I’ll always recommend naturally scented stuff. With this, you’ll get hints of mint and lavender, which you, and anyone close to your face, will enjoy.

For On-The-Go

You’re not going to bring all these products with you everywhere you go. That’s impractical. Let’s face it, even if you want to, you’re going to be in a hurry and forget them at some point. Instead of packing a toiletry bag every day before work, you should simply keep one all-purpose option in your bag.

If you opened my laptop bag, you’d find three things: a clean T-shirt, mouthwash, and Dirty Boy Bamboo Face & Body Wipes. I like to use these wipes after a long day of meetings, or the increasingly rare occasion that I’m sitting in an office for 8-10 hours. Whether it’s from sweat, stress, or even air quality, my face often feels tight and oily after work. I usually have post-workday plans and don’t have time to make a stop at my apartment, so these wipes come in handy.

They cleanse and exfoliate your skin, wiping away sweat and oil while also rehydrating your face, eliminating that tight feeling you often get. They’re inexpensive, easily portable, and offer a quick, easy-to-use option for cleansing your skin. Seriously, this is one face product you shouldn’t leave home without.